GB24 News Channel Logo

GB24 Brand Package

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  • Logo Design
  • Logo Animation
  • Onscreen News Graphics
  • Virtual Set Design
  • Broadcast Music

Online series set within fictitious GB24 News Channel.


 Preliminary research for GB24 brand and graphics

Kinetic Screen was tasked with avoiding the usual ‘generic’ look that is typical of comedy news programs, and instead create something that felt familiar and yet distinct.

It was decided early in the process to make the package feel slightly dated, to heighten the illusion of GB24 being a real-world product that had a history before the actual series begins.

Kinetic Screen’s concept was to reference aural and visual design cues of a wide number of international news brands, including BBC, CNN, Sky and Fox News.
Elements from local Australian channels were also incorporated.


The result is a package that combines a feeling of an established entity, without being generic.

This is also reflected in the brand’s music, which draws inspiration from BBC, ABC Australia, Sky News, Fox News and MSNBC.